Talking Stick Pen & THE KEY

Talking Stick Pen & THE KEY

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Researchers at Harvard University found a way to stimulate, turn on that part of our brain that deals with Food, Sex and Money. After reading the research, you can deduce a series of three word phrases that are the KEY to trigger that response. 

Think about that for a moment. Those Key phrases change the brain chemistry of the person you are with: Friend, Enemy, Family, Client, Prospect.

Those KEY phrases turn people on!

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Wall Street Journal Article Harvard research

The American Indians put feathers on a stick and used it as a communications tool to facilitate understanding. The called it a "Talking Stick". 

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Stephen Covey: Talking Stick

Think about what we just learned. 

I have combined the Harvard University research on Brain function with the concept of a "Taking Stick".

If U follow the instructions on the USB Key and use the specially modified Cross Pen, you can control the brain chemistry of a FriendEnemyFamily MemberClientProspect.