Vision Casting Workshops

Vision Casting Workshops

1.Vision Casting Workshops

     Seeing your Future

2.Glass Ceiling Workshops

      Build your own Building, Business

3.Client Copier Workshops

    Duplicating Your Ideal Relationships

4.Fu$ion Checking Workshops

  Checking Accounts that GROW WEALTH

5.Jackie Kennedy / Tom Wolf Trusts Workshops

Wealth Management $1,000,000,000

Investment per workshop is $1,000 per event within Pennsylvania. Events outside the

state carry travel expenses.

Each workshop runs two hours with a possible Brainstorming add on for an

additional $1,250. Participants compete for $1,000 in cash. 


These workshops can be onsite, online or combination with up to 10,000 individuals

per workshop.

Affiliate links are possible as potential revenue generators for nonprofits,

businesses and select individuals.

Affiliates net 50% of net revenue through their channel.

Call 855-WhatIfU for details.